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Man Up the BookMANUP! – A Practical Guide to Being a Dad is a straightforward exposition of some of the challenges that Dads face and a practical explanation of how they can re-build their role in today’s society.  The book is a frank, often humorous review of the issues that families and fathers face.  MANUP! also shares some practical guidance on how to raise children to be successful and productive adults.

Written in simple prose, MANUP! is especially suitable for Dads who are looking for a refresher course in practical matters and for those young men who need a little assistance as they struggle to become good Dads.  The book is built around stories and examples from a wide variety of settings and from lessons learned while watching and speaking to hundreds of fathers.

Beginning with the introduction, Dennis explains how his own upbringing has shaped his parenting philosophy.  He also shares how the partnership with his wife has helped them in shaping their own children’s lives and attitudes towards parenting.  Furthermore, he explains how children model and reflect what they see and how, through example, parenting skills are passed from one generation to the next.

The early chapters explain the criticality of the role that men need to play in the formation of their families and their children.  He also points out some of the weaknesses that exist today in the family and why Dads need to MANUP and demonstrate leadership in order to help alleviate some of the ills of society.

Dennis then walks the reader through a series of topics ranging from setting rules and positive behavior, through the challenges of the teen years. He ends with the positive affirmation that forgiveness and doing your best is critical in becoming a successful father.  The topics discussed are critical to the family today and provide some much needed guidance to help assure that future generations have a solid foundation on which to build their own families.

Each chapter can be read as an independent commentary or re-read, when the time is appropriate, for dealing with a sticky parenting situation.  There are also a series of MANUP Memos, which serve to highlight key takeaways from each chapter.  Although some of the topics in the book are very serious, he uses a lighthearted, but direct, style to get the point across that Dads really do need to set positive examples. This will help enable their children to grow into healthy, productive adults and learn proper parenting skills.

Understanding that young men may be the least likely to read a heavy, theoretical book, MANUP! is written to reach out to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  He encourages the readers to share the book and the message with others.  In the final summary, Dennis challenges men to MANUP, shoulder their responsibilities as Dads and to go the extra mile by sharing this entertaining, yet sobering, read with men that are facing the challenging, but rewarding, role of a Dad!

Dennis Daniel is an experienced business coach and public speaker. He is available for speaking engagements in order to share and spread the MAN UP message!


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9 comments on “The Book
  1. Rod Taylor says:

    This sounds like a great book. Congratulations.

  2. Andrew Flynn says:

    Just got through the first four chapters; excellent reading!!! I can’t wait to finish.

    • manup says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the book as much, and for spreading the message!


  3. Brian Mast says:

    Dennis, great stuff. Wish that not only every dad could get his hands on the book … and that he would read it … but that he would apply it. Action is everything!

    Good job on getting the word out there. Keep at it, for lives will benefit as a result.

    • manup says:

      Thank you so much Brian, It is really great to begin to hear comments back on the book, and that people are beginning to give the book to their friends and family members! Dad

  4. Alberto says:

    Dennis: It was great to meet you at Chicago. I browsed your site and it is exciting. Your book will also succeed when it will be published in Spanish. It is value added for grandfathers like us as well for young couples who are planning to be Dad and Mom….And why not, to dads & Moms that are in the way to re address their behaviours. Congratulations!!!! Alberto

  5. Brian Smith says:

    Great book, Dennis! I think I most appreciated your conversational tone and style of writing. Or maybe it was your willingness to be direct and honest and avoid being too concerned about being “politically correct.” Your book is direct, common sense, and spot on advice for us all as fathers and men. Thanks for putting it down in print for us to share! There are some real gems in it.

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