Calling all Men who want to “Get it Right” in their most important role as Father’s! It’s time for men to “Man Up” As a speaker, retreat leader, and author to scores of teens at youth events and to men at men’s conferences, I have heard stories of sorrow and regret from fathers about their kids and from kids about their fathers.  Man Up gives you the blueprint to live a life of “no regrets”

Bill Moyer, Catholic Author, Speaker, Thought Leader, Co-Founder SOS Leadership Institute, Former Executive Director National Fellowship of Catholic Men


“In a world where parenting is too often seen as the job of the Mom, this short book is a real booster shot in getting Dad back into the ballgame as a great coach.”

Raymond Sanders, EdD (father of four and grandfather of ten)


“Man Up really is a practical guide to being a dad. It is simple and easy to read. If every young man read this book and put into action its points, our world would change for the better! It is time to stop being boys and to Man Up and Dennis Daniel shows us how!”

Billy Moyer, International Author, Speaker, and President of SOS Leadership Institute

5 comments on “Testimonials
  1. David Foran says:

    If you are a father looking to be the best dad you can be and raise your kids to live healthy, happy, productive, and successful lives, you can scarcely find a better book than Manup! Before I tell you what it is let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not new age psychobabble with modern theories for raising kids written by some pin-headed professor in an ivory tower trying to impress other pin-headed professors. It also is not a bible-thumping sermon written by a pastor or priest. It is however, a philosophy for child rearing with common-sense principals that have held the test of time and was written by a Godly man with a great deal of wisdom. Read it. Profit by it.

    • manup says:

      Thanks David, I appreciate the feedback and am happy that you enjoyed the book, and am quite happy not to be considered a Pin-Head.


  2. Javier Larrea says:


    Just finished your book last night and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Love the frank talk and complete honesty on how we need to step up as men and become better fathers and leaders to our family’s. I agreed with you in so many areas and will share your book with other Dad’s.

    Bravo! Well done my friend!

    God bless you!


  3. Chad says:

    I have to be honest, in this busy world, it is hard to sit down and read a book. This one is worth it. As a young father of three…this book it refreshing. Use this tool to capitalize on the experience(s) of Dennis and his wife. Think of this book as preventative maintenance…a rudder…a Christian road map to fatherhood.

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