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All too often, kids today are reared by a mother and an absent father. She is doing the best she can, but she is only half of the equation. Well guys, it is time for us to MAN UP! It is time to share and learn some simple guidelines on becoming successful Dads.

If the family is weak, then society will be weak. Well boys, look around you! Every data point out there shows that the family is weak: divorce rates, abortion rates, birth rates, infidelity rates, and more.

Much can be learned from successful parents, successful marriages, and the fact that kids benefit when they have a mother and a father who are doing their best to raise a family. It’s time to MAN UP!

About the Author

Dennis is the fourth of five children and was raised in Waco, Texas.  He and his wife, Celia, have been married for over 30 years.  Dennis and Celia’s parents were of the Greatest Generation, having been raised during the Depression in rural Texas and Memphis, Tennessee.  Each of their fathers served during WWII.

Dennis and Celia learned their parenting skills from parents who were committed to their families and to their marriages.  Like most parents of the time, they learned by trial and error and without a great deal of formal education.  Therefore, there were both positive and negative parenting behaviors.  Both sets of parents, however, set the pattern of living their family lives as a “till death do us part” vocation. . . . Read More

Relevant Radio Talk Show Interviews Dennis Daniel about the Man Up Book.

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"In a world where parenting is too often seen as the job of the Mom, this short book is a real booster shot in getting Dad back into the ballgame as a great coach.” — Raymond Sanders, EdD (father of four and grandfather of ten)

"Man Up really is a practical guide to being a dad. It is simple and easy to read. If every young man read this book and put into action its points, our world would change for the better! It is time to stop being boys and to Man Up and Dennis Daniel shows us how!" - Billy Moyer, International Author, Speaker, and President of SOS Leadership Institute

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